iTOF® is the innovative device for the  neuromuscular function monitoring by the electrostimulation of the ulnar nerve, the tibial nerve or even the facial nerve.

iTOF® is a modernhandy and safe tool to improve medical practice during the entire surgical procedures that involve the use of neuromuscular blockers and reversals.


iTOF® allows anesthesiologists to monitoring neuromuscular function by stimulating the ulnar nerve, the tibial nerve as well as the facial nerve in order to:

  • Evaluate the exact time at which patients could be intubated
  • Evaluate patient’s neuromuscular function recovery at the end of surgery
  • Determine neuromuscular block intensity during surgery
  • Evaluate if and when to drug a reversal or a curare antagonist
  • Evaluate neuromuscular block function in Intensive Care

The iTOF® combines together NBM standards and  Digital Health Innovation, for an innovative approach to neuromuscular block monitoring that facilitates and improves clinical practice.

  • iTOF® is comprised of 3 elements:
  • iTOF® Device: for quantitative acceleromyographic electrostimulation;
  • iTOF® App: for data retrieving, analysis, sharing and visualization. >Available on Android, iOS and Windows stores
  • iTOF® Cloud (optional): for data archiving, sharing, integration and advances analysis and visualization tools.

iTOF® Device

iTOF® Device delivers electrostimulation in the following forms:

  • TOF (Train of Four)
  • PTC (Post Tetanic Count)
  • ST (Single Twitch)

Electrostimulation can be delivered on:

  • the ulnar or tibial nerve to then measuring the acceleration produced at the patient’s thumb or big toe level through the iTOF® strip-terminal;
  • the facial nerve to then measuring the acceleration produced at the patient’s eye level through the appropriate iTOF® patch-terminal.


  • iTOF® APP allows to collect, analyze, visualize, share as well as set monitoring functions wirelessly with the iTOF® Device. iTOF® APP is a medical device, available on mobile stores (Android, iOS, and Windows).
  • iTOF®Cloud is a web-based platform, medical platform CE Class IIa certified, offering a cloud-based advanced tools to clinicians and healthcare organizations.

iTOF® Cloud

iTOF®Cloud offers safe and easy-of-use tools for data archiving, data-export, data integration, data processing, data viewing, data analysis and data sharing of data.

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    December 2019:

    The Italian magazine «Tecnica Ospedaliera» dedicates the Dec/20 cover page and a dedicated article to iTOF®

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    June 2019:

    iTOF® receives the prestigious award by Popular Science «Excellence in Life Science»

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    October 2019:

    iTOF® is presented during the 73rd SIAARTI Congress: ICARE

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    SIAARTI Academy supports young neo-resident anesthesiologists throughout a training program on the iTOF®

iTOF® comes with a clinical validation made on almost 100 patients where the iTOF® is compared with the Tof-Watch* SX. Both the iTOF® as well as the Tof-Watch® SX are based on acceleromyography method.

iTOF® usage in surgery has been validated by both the trials claiming iTOF®’s innovation, effectiveness, safety and easy-to-use characteristics.

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